I triggered BPPV at the end of January in a fast vinyasa yoga class (not the type of class I usually do).  I think I had trouble because I was doing more head extension than ever before — previously, old neck injuries  prevented me from reaching the full expression of yoga poses — and because the transitions were so fast.  During February, I experienced only a tiny twinge of vertigo when I first lay down in bed most nights.  By morning, I forgot all about it.  I saw my doctor for something else at the end of February, and it never occurred to me to mention that the vertigo had returned.  (I had it four years ago.)

I have been self-treating with the modified Epley’s maneuver, which provides temporary relief, but I still have vertigo almost everyday and sometimes the nausea lasts all day.  I’ve also had some weird experiences with delayed onset — strong vertigo and nystagmus that crops up many minutes after I change position in bed.  So I will go to the doctor next week and see if I can get a referral to vestibular physical therapy.  That solved the problem last time.

In the meantime, I am wondering about my triathlon training.  I just bought clipless pedals for my road bike and am shopping for bike shoes.  Last year was the new bike; this year is the transition to clipless pedals!  But what if the vertigo doesn’t go away?  It is different from last time I had it, so I’m worried.

My biggest concern is cycling, as right now I often can’t look over my shoulder without disequilibrium.  I looked up adult training wheels online and found two different styles – one set where only one wheel touches the ground at a time (like kids’ training wheels) and a second set where both wheels are on the ground at all times (like a tricycle).  The latter has a quick-release type fastener, which would enable me to still use my bike rack.  (The bike rack is new this year, and by being very careful and slow I was able to install it without triggering vertigo.  My wife wasn’t thrilled that I spent the money on the rack, so I will be in the dog house if I’m unable to use it!)

I am envisioning myself riding on rail trails with my little tricycle attachment.  I am idly wondering if USAT prohibits bikes with more than two wheels.  (I’m sure it’s against the rules!)  Then I wonder if I could talk the race organizer into letting me race and then getting disqualified at the end.  Really weird to be thinking about.  Also wondering if I should get an indoor bike trainer so I can train indoors until the vertigo goes away.

Damn!  Should have bought a trainer instead of a bike rack…