My vestibular physical therapist warned me not to put my head in THAT position during yoga class, and in fact I am being a superb patient by not even attempting a yoga class until September.  But I didn’t realize how often that head position comes up in home maintenance.  Let us count the ways, shall we?

I’ve triggered several days of vertigo by doing DIY projects around the house. The first was organizing things under the bed. Getting it up on risers and packing new under-bed boxes was easy. It was laying my head down near the ground to see underneath and move the boxes into place that messed up my equilibrium.

Girl looking under her bed

Photo by Liz Banfield

I self-treated and was pretty well recovered the next day (when I did my brick workout), but then I worked on reversing the bifold door on our laundry closet. This involved looking up, and yes, tilting my head so that I could mess around with the metal track at the top of the jamb. I realized what I was doing the first night, and I stopped right away. (I had to charge my cordless drill, anyway.) I self-treated before bed even though my DHP were negative.

By the next night my drill was charged, and I worked on the laundry door again. I tilted my head, I did. Everything was fine until I bent over to fish in my caddy for a screw. Ah, vertigo. It lingered and made me unsteady, so I self-treated with the Epley’s and waited 15 minutes before having my wife help me hang the door. I was still unsteady and nauseous. This made her anxious and sad, and her emotions manifested as anger at the difficulties we had positioning the door. We got the door in place without biting each other’s head off. (As expected, it doesn’t quite close over our oversized washer and dryer, but it stays shut and will keep the cat out.)  I am still woozy and am about to self-treat again.

I guess my other recent projects didn’t help the situation — I installed a rigid dryer vent in the attic and inspected the support beams under our staircase.  It was so exciting to even be able to do those things that I didn’t realize I was was tempting fate. Crap.