Even before I got vertigo eight months ago, I wasn’t entirely happy with my fitness training. Yes, I got in rock climbing and yoga every week. A run and a swim most weeks. Bike rides seasonally. But I did strength training, oh, three times per month at best. I struggled with scheduling since work and commuting take 11 hours out of my day.

So I joined the gym at work, and I did my first workout at 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon. It was amazing! There was hardly anyone in the gym, plus I returned to my desk totally energzied and did focused work until an hour past my usual quitting time (since I had to make up the time I spent exercising). Even better, I found some free spinning workouts online at http://www.trihardist.com and streamed one on my phone during my workout. I really appreciated having someone tell me what do to on that bike.

I felt like my normal self until the very end, when I lay down on a mat to stretch. I can’t lie flat without triggering symptoms — at home I use a small pillow under my head when I stretch. But there were no pillows in the gym! I searched around and came up with a half foam roller, which worked perfectly. Success!

High Density Foam Roller - Size: 6

photo credit: rakuten.com