Last night I triumphantly returned to class. I was so excited to be there! I have missed the class and my classmates these past 5-6 months. I could do more of the class than I expected to. I skipped downward-facing dog to be on the safe side and instead did table, child’s pose, or stood bent at the waist with my back parallel to the ground and my arms or hands resting on the back of a folding chair, which I placed in front of my mat. I never turned my right ear to the ground, but I could totally turn my left ear down! It felt so good to get into the poses. Today I am sore, as I often am after this yoga class — it’s pretty intense! I skipped the headstand, and instead of wheel I did some extra bows and Shalabhasana. At the end, when we exit Shavasana by rolling onto our right sides, I had to roll left. In the future I’ll be able to roll right, but since I had triggered the vertigo only a few days ago (I turned my right ear down while swimming…), I opted to be conservative and stick to my “limited movement program.” I wanted to ensure that my experience was a success, because the last time I did yoga, it was a disaster.

When the class worked on handstand or forearm stand, I put my legs up the wall and went through the movements in my head. I achieved forearm stand last January, and now I’m not sure that I will ever do it again. I’m not sure I will be able to turn my head into the fullest expression of the poses, which I just started doing last fall. I hope that by reviewing my kinetic memories and firing those muscles in my imagination, I can maintain some of my skills for the day when I can do those poses again. If not, I am sincerely grateful to have had the experience and to have the memories.