When I was getting my vestibular testing a few months ago, I picked up a brochure about research being done to understand hearing loss, inner ear disease, and balance & vestibular disorders.  After reading it, I decided to donate my inner ears to science after I die, and now I’m telling lots of other people to encourage them to register as donors, too.  Even people with no inner ear or hearing problems are needed so that researchers understand how “normal” ears work.  After all, the inner ear is a very difficult and minuscule thing to study!

diagram of inner ear structures

The thing is, the registration form is not online…it is on paper.  And it is taking me a while to get around to finishing it and mailing it.  Since I am also feeling guilty about not posting lately, I figured I would feed two birds with one seed by putting up this post and creating a little accountability to send in those forms this weekend.

On the project website, you can download the PDF registry form or request that one be mailed to you.  Do it today!