Back in March, after I had missed a few days of work due to BPPV, one of my coworkers tentatively asked me what it was like to experience vertigo.  All she knew about vertigo, she explained, was what she had seen on the TV show Arrested Development.  I hadn’t seen enough of the show to be familiar with the character of Lucille 2, who has “chronic vertigo,” so instead I staggered around the lunch room with my hands on the walls and furniture to approximate what it’s like.

A quick search of the Internet gave me an overview of Lucille 2 and directed me to the episodes in which her symptoms are highlighted (in a few they are merely mentioned).  You might enjoy watching these!

Season 1, episode 4 “Key Decisions”

Season 1, episode 10 “Pier Pressure”

Season 2, episode 8 “Queen for a Day”

Liza Minelli as Lucille 2 gripping back of chair