When I trigger posterior canal (PC) BPPV, it clears pretty easily with the Epley’s maneuver.  However, ever since I swam crawl stroke and turned my right ear down about 7 weeks ago, I have been fighting mild HC BPPV.  I asked my PT for advice on how to clear it at home, and she suggested a version of Forced Prolonged Positioning.  (The Lempert or BBQ Roll maneuver is another treatment but not one she recommends for home use.)  I was not keen on spending an hour in one position–heck, I have stuff to do–so I decided to grin and bear it.  But the HC vertigo is sneaky, and I’ve been triggering it with fairly subtle movements like moving my head while I talk and by rubbing my face with my eyes closed (e.g. washing my face at the sink or in the shower).  And then last Sunday I went for a run for the first time in a month, and I was too unsteady to look over my left shoulder to check for traffic.  (Although I didn’t mind the micro-breaks I had to take at each corner!)  So that afternoon I brought up the This American LIfe radio archive, arranged some pillows on the couch, and followed my PT’s instructions for FPP.  I ended up on my left side with my face pointed down into the couch.

It was awkward, to say the least.  My body is never happy when I stay in one position for long, so it was also uncomfortable. With some cautious shifting I lasted for 55 minutes, and I did feel a little clearer afterward (though that might have been from the cat naps I took while stuck on the couch).  Every day this week I’ve continued to have what I’ve come to call “micro-vertigo” when I’m nodding my head in conversation or washing/rubbing my face.  “Micro” seems to fit because the triggers are very small movements and the sensation is short in duration and relatively mild.  It’s bearable, but I’d like to clear it up if I can.