Recently I started running once a week again, and to keep myself on the straight and narrow I signed up for two road races — a 2.5 mile Turkey Trot and a 3.1 mile holiday run. My Training Buddy is joining me on the 5K, and she mentioned the route has a big hill, so I went on Map My Run two weeks ago to find some hilly routes in my neighborhood. I found some great ones and was looking forward to running that afternoon since the temperature was forecast to be warmer than usual.

I’ve learned that it’s a good idea for me to do a preventative Epley’s after yoga and other specific activities.  Even if I am asymptomatic at the time, chances are that I won’t be asymptomatic by morning, so the maneuver helps corral the otoconia and prevent worse symptoms. All this to explain that I did an Epley’s before my run and ended up giving myself much stronger vertigo than I’d had in months (holding on to the wall while going down stairs, closing my eyes while talking to my wife). I treated twice more and couldn’t get things to clear.  I wobbled through some chores, but finally I gave up and spent the afternoon watching Netflix. So much for my hilly run!

After three Epley’s had no effect, I decided to try the Foster Maneuver. I learned about this new treatment through Annie’s blog, and I must say that my cat LOVES this one. (Watch the video below and imagine a cat weaving around the woman’s arms and legs!) I’ve had mixed results with it over the past two weeks. The good news is that it often gets the otoconia moving when the Epley’s does not, so I’m keeping it in my toolbox and beginning to anticipate when it will be most effective.

That said, I’ve had worse episodes lately and even missed some time from work. I felt fine on Thanksgiving for the Turkey Trot–thankfully, running in and around several thousand people wasn’t a problem, and I kept my balance like a pro. One more run before the 5K next weekend!