I ran twice last weekend, for the first time since losing my balance during a run last month. Despite carefully monitoring the weather forecast, I managed to catch the period of heaviest rain on Saturday and cut my route short. On Sunday I tried again and got the whole thing in.

Running was…interesting. Kind of like running on a tight rope. My symptoms have virtually disappeared (naturally, since I have a doctor’s appointment coming up!), so I didn’t expect any trouble when I laced up my shoes and headed out. I quickly realized, though, that something was still off kilter with my proprioception. I didn’t experience the oscillopsia that I associate with horizontal canal, or nausea or any of the usual symptoms–it was just a mild but definitive sense of disequilibrium. I felt safe running, but it also felt a little “dangerous,” not unlike walking on balance beam and knowing you are on solid ground but could fall off at any moment. My uneasiness fluctuated during the run, and when it peaked I focused on how my feet felt on the pavement. I’ve used this technique while hiking, and it gives me a greater sense of stability and allows my stomach to unclench for a moment. I noticed that I felt more unsteady when my rain hood started to encroach on my peripheral vision. Something similar happened last month, when my scarf blew across one of my eyes while I was walking and I subsequently lost my balance.

I still stop at every corner and curb because looking over my shoulder feels too risky. I think I may have to deliberately work on regaining that skill. Maybe I can do that on a treadmill, using the rails for  balance while I practice looking over both shoulders? Boy, that will look weird in the gym!