During January I did not experience any positional vertigo. (Hooray!) Starting this past weekend, however, I started to get the vaguest hints of trouble when my body brushed against the edge of formerly-problematic positions. I would get the sensation that things were about to spin out of control, but then they wouldn’t. A few times I felt like I was able to “resist” the centrifugal force by focusing my attention on the stability and uprightness of my body, as if I was saying “No!” and grabbing hold of something so I wouldn’t move. These “symptoms” are unlike anything I’ve experienced before, and they don’t feel like the ones that portend a flare up. I am hoping that my brain is doing some re-calibration right now and that these symptoms represent a new chapter of my Vertigo Journey.

I recently restarted a daily meditation practice that had been on, er, hiatus for a while.  I noticed that as I sit with my eyes closed, I sometimes get distracted and my posture shifts out of alignment; for example, my neck might turn or tilt.  I used to just straighten up when I became aware of this, but yesterday I opened my eyes briefly to see visually how much I had shifted. To my surprise, my head was upright and straight! So I closed my eyes and “felt” what “straight” was. This is another example of my brain and body getting re-calibrated after nearly a year of bad input. I am hopeful that I will continue to heal and that there will be an End to Vertigo for me!