I finally went running again, and I had a much better experience than last month.*  I am now able to check for traffic while in motion–I don’t have to stop at every curb and corner! To be sure, I still slow down, and I’m not whipping my head around, but I can deliberately turn my head and check without having to stop. I did catch myself not fully turning my head a few times (afraid of triggering vertigo and hedging my bets), and I realize that is not safe. I will work on that. I am psyched that I have regained this skill without having to practice on a treadmill. 🙂  My ultimate goal is to be able to ride a bike (which definitely requires turning my head to check for traffic) and complete a sprint triathlon this season. For the first time, I think it just might happen.

In related news, I’ve restarted swimming with my Swim Buddy. I am staying far, far away from bilateral  breathing because that is what brought my last symptom-free period to an end back on September 6. (I will never forget that day!) Breaststroke is where it’s at for me. I did do breaststroke in a triathlon once, and I don’t recommend it! If that’s what I have to do this season, though, I might voluntarily join a Novice wave so there are fewer people to kick in the face. At the end of my workout last week, I tried crawl stroke with a snorkle. It worked well, and I’m excited to add that into my routine. I hope the body rotation will help with my brain/balance retraining.

I had taken 3 weeks off from rock climbing and was back at it this past weekend — that also went well with no symptoms, and I even did some moderate overhangs. Yoga is also good — still never putting my right ear down or my head straight down, but my downward facing dog is almost “normal” now. A nice change from last fall when I was using a chair for that pose!

I had some disequilibrium last week when I was talking while walking at work. I had this in January, too. When I turn my head and talk or nod while walking, my equilibrium is thrown off. And the past few days I’ve experienced a vague sense of movement after I have been lying in bed for awhile. It’s not the throw-your-hands-out type of motion, but it is definitely motion. I am hoping that it is just my brain re-calibrating as my Vertigo Journey comes to a close.

* My pride prompts me to clarify that I have gone running during the time between this post and that post, but I was using a closed trail that didn’t require me to negotiate traffic crossings!