A year ago, I participated in a charity rock climbing event at an indoor gym that includes a ropes course. I was so excited to finally try a challenge course of this kind that I was the first in my group through each obstacle.  Because I was at the front of the line, I was unable to anticipate that one of the elements would put my head in an awkward position–something I was trying to avoid because I had had some vertigo symptoms during the previous week.

Next thing I knew, I was upside down and twisting my head around.  And then I was standing on a tiny wooden platform near the ceiling of the gym with my arms wrapped around a pole and my eyes closed in intense concentration as I repeated this mantra: Do not throw up. Do not throw up.

So now you understand that I had something to prove when I returned to the same charity event this year! Once again I was first in line for our group. I did great on every element, and when I came to the one that gave me problems last year, I zipped right past it on the cable. Skipped it completely. Nope, not doing that! I learned my lesson.