Last weekend I attended the finals of a bouldering competition at a local rock gym. First, of course, I did a few hours of climbing with the usual crew. I haven’t triggered vertigo on the wall for a long time. It’s so nice to be able to move my head around as I climb! Really helps me spot the holds. 😉 Anyway, afterward two friends–who have recently stepped up their training in advance of a trip to Joshua Tree–invited my spouse and I into the fitness center for sit ups and strength training. Sit ups are out of the question for me, so instead I put a rolled yoga mat underneath my head and did leg raises. All was well until one friend made a comment and I glanced slightly to the right in her direction. Turned my head maybe two degrees. Bam! Vertigo.

This is the real deal: positional vertigo with some of that all-day nausea that I associate with horizontal canal.

I had three months of almost no symptoms. It was a great ride while it lasted.


Dragon boat racing

Anyway, the climbing crew got a quick dinner and then watched the finals. One of the vendors was Nicholas of Perfect Fuel Chocolate, and he and I got to talking. Turns out we both had injuries that prevented us from competing in triathlon last season. Mine was vertigo, and his was a tear in his plantar fascia.

Turns out we both have a Plan B: a list of things we will do “instead” if we are unable to keep doing what we want to do. I remember that one of the things his spouse was advocating was dragon boat racing. (Unlike rowing, the paddlers don’t have to press against their feet.) Things on my Plan B list include music lessons and Tai Chi. Maybe relay triathlons, where I can do the run leg and my friends can do the swim and bike.

And both of us are holding our Plan B’s at arm’s length. We are trying to heal. We are trying to get back to what we love. This relapse has made me more determined to return to triathlon–and I’ve figured out how to do it. More on that in my next post!

P.S. I added a lot of new blogs to the Blogs About Vertigo page. Check it out!