Good news, bad news. So I announced to the world that I am doing a triathlon, and guess what? I triggered the vertigo! I have not had major problems since March, and NOW, weeks before my triathlon, I managed to trigger it.

Two nights ago I looked up to open the shade on the skylight. I have been able to look up lately, especially if I keep it brief. I had closed the shade against the summer sun a few months ago and didn’t have any trouble. (Maybe I wore my belay glasses then?) Anyway, my wife questioned the wisdom of what I was doing, so I hopped down and let her do it. I felt only a little off and went to bed with no worries.

Yesterday morning I woke up nauseous and unsteady, unsteadier than I’ve been for months. I was supposed to do a bike-run brick with my training buddy, so I tested myself by walking down to the corner and back. I was wobbly enough for me to know I had to stay home. There was no way I would be safe on the bike.

The good news is that today I feel almost back to my “normal.” I did a bike-run brick on my own, and although I was slower on the bike due to residual unsteadiness, I got it done.

I love the fact that my vertigo flares don’t last more than a day or two now. That is very manageable. Hopefully I can keep in the clear until race day!