About a year ago, I signed up for a seminar on the basics of ChiRunning. You might remember that I was only just beginning to feel better at that time, and honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could do ChiRunning. You see, Chi running capitalizes on the momentum you generate by falling forward. Try it: put your feet together and lean forward. Eventually you will reach the point at which one of your feet automatically steps forward. See? You didn’t have to move your foot; it moved by itself. This makes running easier.

Of course, it hadn’t been that long since I had lost my balance while walking and while running, so learning to run by “falling” forward would seem contraindicated. But I did it anyway.

How did it go? In a word, fine! I don’t remember having any trouble at the workshop. The next time I went jogging, I tried the techniques and actually found it easier to run. I covered my usual distance with less effort. Yay!

During the past year I’ve tried to keep ChiRunning whenever I’m jogging. It’s easy to fall back into my old habits since I only took a half day workshop on it. Still, I focus on falling forward and using my body’s momentum to carry me forward…and so far, so good.