I recently installed an eight-foot vertical cellular shade over my siding glass door. First I removed the old shade, and I definitely felt nauseous as I unscrewed the brackets. That made the job a bit unpleasant. I had to wait for my cordless drill to charge, so I finished up the next day. I did not feel nauseous when I installed the new brackets.

Then I spent the better part of an hour down on the floor loading the monstrous shade into the rail. The strings were tight, and it required some fancy handy work with a pliers to complete the final step. I was able to avoid turning my right ear down for the entire job until I reached that last part. I tried to figure out if I could use my belay glasses, but there really was no other way. So I laid my ear right down on the floor so I could see up inside the rail. A few more twists and turns, and I was ready to hang the shade.

Which I did.

So let’s recap. I triggered the vertigo when I looked up to remove the brackets. The next day I looked up to install new brackets, then put my right ear down, then looked up to hang the shade. And I had no vertigo or related problems that day or the next! This is notable progress indeed.