I’ve been struggling with grief and depression this spring, and I realized at one point that I hadn’t exercised for five months! I hoped to do a triathlon with my Training Buddy in August, but even that was not motivating me. Figuring out my training schedule and dealing with gear and weather was more than I could manage.
I was looking for ways to take care of myself when a triathlon friend of mine announced an exercise accountability group. Perfect! I’ve been doing the 30-minute exercise videos every day and gradually building up my strength. Even dropped a few pounds! I love that the workouts are short, straightforward, indoors, and require minimal equipment. (A far cry from triathlon!)
When I started the video program, I still experienced vertigo every day, but it was mild and momentary. Thankfully, the pace of the videos was such that I could take a few extra seconds to transition between exercises, and sometimes (rarely) I held onto the wall for balance. Almost every workout includes lying on my back, which you might remember is my worst trigger for BPPV. Sure enough, I felt a little dizzy and nauseous when I lay back. Certain exercises with my arms and legs moving simultaneously were disorienting for a few seconds. But after six weeks or so, I felt the dizziness less often when on my back. It seems the short exposure to this trigger several days a week has helped me to improve!