So this morning I got out of bed and noticed right away that I had some vertigo going on. The best way to describe it is to say my eyes felt wobbly. To be honest, things have been a little worse lately, if I can even say that with my symptoms being so mild. Not long ago I was rejoicing in my ability to pull a sweatshirt over my head while walking down stairs (!!) and to duck laterally under a barrier at the airport in order to retrieve my dropped boarding pass. But recently I fell out of balance twice in one day, hit the wall in my stairwell a few times (always when I am turning the corner), and even took off my sunglasses before going down steps. Clearly my vestibular system was struggling.

I decided to try my exercise video this morning and to stop if I couldn’t do it. The routine starts with jogging in place, and I took one step and almost burst out laughing. There was no way I could jog! So I followed the “modifier” on the video and marched in place. I modified many of the moves and found that by the end of the video, I was nearly back to normal. It seems that 30 minutes of familiar, controlled, and constant movement was enough input for my vestibular system to get its groove back.

Update: I noticed a pattern of having vertigo on three of the past four Mondays. At first I thought: gee, am I that stressed out about going to work on Mondays?! But then I realized that I do a yoga exercise routine on Sundays, and in that routine I bend over and put my head straight down for at least 30 seconds. I think that is the problem. I have had this happen before where the trigger and the symptoms are separated by a day. (Lying down in bed seems to exacerbate things.) So  next Sunday I’ll not put my head in such extreme positions, and we’ll see how I feel on Monday.

Later update: it worked! I haven’t had any “Monday trouble” since modifying my Sunday yoga workout.