After months of very stable and very minor symptoms, I was surprised to experience several hours of nauseating vertigo symptoms earlier today. Contributing factors were a 30-minute yoga workout (even though I avoided problematic positions) and rushing around the house (i.e. eyes and body in constant motion) getting ready to leave. There was traffic, so my spouse’s driving was a bit on and off the accelerator. This taxed my vestibular system further, and I began to feel car sick for only the second time in my life. She took it easy at my request, and we ended up arriving on time for our engagement.

Within an hour, though, I felt nauseous even though I had been sitting still. I laid down to rest my body and then sat on the floor with my back against the wall and both feet flat on the ground. (This position provides a lot of input points for the vestibular system.) After another hour, I felt better, though it took more time to return to normal.