Before my 2013 vertigo episode started, I got in and out of bed in a very active way. I was in constant motion as I approached the bed, tucked my hands under the pillow, placed a leg on the mattress, and slid into bed nearly horizontally, ending on my right side. Getting out of bed was similarly fluid: a sudden movement to flip onto my left hip, raise the blanket, and lever upward, then an immediate step forward into walking away. (I should mention how startling this was to my cat if she happened to be sleeping on the comforter!)

All that changed with vertigo. Lying flat was my worst trigger, and going to bed became a nightly torture of nausea and holding on for dear life as the room spun. I got into and out of bed very carefully. Verrrry deliberately. I wake every night to use the bathroom, and I would walk with my arms out, ricocheting off the walls and doors jams as I made my way down the hall.

I believe it was summer 2015–around the time my tinnitus died down–that I found my self climbing into bed with my old habits. Not quite as vigorous, a little caution to be sure, but definitely a flowing move toward horizontal. I realized my nightly walk to the bathroom was more upright, more sure-footed. This was a clear sign of how far I’d come on my path to returning to health and normalcy. A small, but meaningful, sign.