If you’re like me, you are searching WordPress to find other people who have experienced vertigo.  Here are some of the blog entries I’ve found (I started this list alphabetically but will be adding new ones at the top from now on):


The blogger has extensive information about diet changes that have helped her control her symptoms.

Vertigo Tales and Tastes

The blogger is a post-menopausal woman with vestibular migraine.

Every day is d. day

The blogger has experienced vertigo off and on since about January 2012, as well as blurred vision and high blood pressure.


A poem about vertigo. Credit to Francesca and With a Shaking Voice.

Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome and Me!

Brad is in his 30s and has SCDS on both sides.

Not Your Typical Vertigo

“I am a 57 Year old Married Female with Central Vestibular Disorder/Mal de Debarquement Syndrome.  I was diagnosed in 2011 but have had this since 2009.”

Extraordinary Spin-ster!

Trish is a 51-year-old grandmother who was diagnosed with Meniere’s in 2010 after experiencing the first in a series of  attacks of vertigo in 1997.


Blogger is a 20-something roller derby gal who was waylaid by labyrinthitis and chronic fatigue syndrome. She’s getting back to exercise and aims to be back on skates by 2015.

Invisible: My Story

This blog is dedicated to awareness of mental illness, and the post linked above is written by a college student who experienced ongoing vertigo and accompanying anxiety.

Living to write–writing to stay sane

Blogger is “a 30-something young single mom” who has coped with episodes of vertigo every since having “a nasty flu bug” about ten years ago.  The post linked above gives details about her current episode.

The Smallest Comma

Bella is in her late teens and lives near Sydney, Australia.  Since November 2013 she’s been dealing with Cogan’s Syndrome: hearing loss, vertigo, and fainting. The post linked above is a summary.

The Realistic Holistic Chick

Jill Griffin was diagnosed  with Mal de Debarquement (MdDS), Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), and Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SCDS) over ten years ago.  The post linked above summarizes her story, and the rest of her blog addresses strategies she uses to manage her conditions.


Blogger has Meniere’s and posts infrequently.  In the post linked above, they describe an onset of symptoms caused by stress and sodium.


Blogger developed bilateral Meniere’s in 2009. In the post linked above, she describes her awesome walking sticks!


Blogger has Meniere’s and loves to ride her bike. She blogs about her efforts to cut down on salt, since it definitely aggravates her symptoms.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Masha is 17 and had her first Meniere’s episode in 2013, at age 16.  She lives in Israel, is trilingual, and blogs in English.

Becoming Angela

Angela is 42 and physically active.  She had vertigo a few years ago, then in March 2013, and again in March 2014.

The Scott Langdon Project Blog

Scott has experienced periodic vertigo since about fall 2012 and had to withdraw from the Philadelphia Marathon because of it.

Becca McKeogh

Becca is an undergraduate college student who was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in July 2012 and started blogging in October 2013.  She currently works in a lab that focuses on the interaction between machine and human, and she is interested in the vestibular influence on neurology and psychophysics.

Celebrate the Space

Annie had a bout of vertigo in August 2013.  Her posts have some good detail and ear illustrations!

Create an Adaptable Life

This blog is not in WordPress.  Johanna is a management consultant in her 50s who developed sudden hearing loss and vertigo in September 2009.

The Daily Life with Vertigo

Amy is in her 20s and developed Meniere’s Disease in September 2013.

Debi Duke of Dirty Water

Debi has vertigo.  Search her blog for “vertigo” to find those entries.

The Diet Train

The author is in his 30s and blogs about his weight loss progress.  In the post linked above, he mentions his Meniere’s Disease.

Dizziness and Hearing Loss Blog & Books

Nancy blogs and writes books about her experiences with Meniere’s.  She has some good links on her Helpful Resources page.

Growing up on Prytania

Rob is “later-than-middle-age” and wrote the post linked above about having vertigo and related symptoms for about a year.

Metaphorical Marathons

Author experienced BPPV/vertigo/labyrinthitis in August 2013.  Search her blog for “veritgo.”

Musings and other Mental Wanderings

Author (age 65ish) has periodic vertigo.  There doesn’t seem to be a search box, so the link above goes to the one entry I am aware of.

My Brain Lesion and Me

Rhiann has scarring on the brain stem which causes chronic dizziness with frequent episodes of vertigo with visual disturbances.

Not Mother Material

The author developed Meniere’s Disease in January 2013 and is a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic.  She writes about adapting her workouts and her life to chronic illness.

Picnic with Ants

Wendy has Meniere’s Disease.  She got a cochlear implant in September 2013.

Small Steps 2 Health

This “husband, father, and working professional” experienced vertigo in August 2013, and the link above goes to that entry.  Explore his blog for other ideas about staying healthy and accommodating illness or injury.  He describes vestibular migraine here.

Southern Story Lady

Madelyn, a retired teacher and school administrator, experienced vertigo in August 2013.  The link above goes to that post.


Talespinner is a retired secretary who occasionally has bouts of vertigo.  Search her blog for “vertigo” to find those entries.


This is my blog, of course.  I write about being physically active with vertigo (hiking, rock climbing, yoga, triathlon, etc.).

Also, on the side bar of my blog, I’ve listed a few non-blog or non-vertigo sites that I think are particularly helpful or authoritative.