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Boating in the dark

Recently I went out in a kayak for an evening paddle. It was delightful and unremarkable from a vertigo perspective – except for one thing. As the sun set, I noticed that I felt unsteady when I turned my head. I guessed that, in the dim light, my eyes were not getting enough visual information to compensate for the rocking motion of the boat. I stopped turning my head – or at least not as quickly – and after awhile everything seemed back in calibration.



Yes, you read that right. For my next trick I am learning to sail. I have access to free lessons and a free boat, so I figured, why not? I also have a friend who needs a sailing buddy. Score!


I learned to tie this knot!

Tonight’s class was dockside. I had a brief moment of concern when I first got on the floating dock, then I was rock solid. I could tell that looking up at the mast was going to be a problem, so I glanced part way up a few times. That made me nauseous. I guess my sailing buddy will have to untangle the ropes up there, and maybe I’ll be able to tell how the sail is by the feel of the rope.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for updates!